A perfect day

Today was wonderful – one of those days where everything goes well and you are so grateful to have lived, received the good and enjoyed each moment.

Our Sundays of late have been altered from the norm by babies, travel, illness and company. Today we were able to take the whole day to be together as family and rest from the labors of the week.

We started with an early run for Brian and then me (because he nicely let me sleep late). Cinnamon rolls prepared yesterday baked off into a scrumptious breakfast then the kids played happily while Brian and I listened to a sermon that exhorted and taught right where the Lord was working with me.

pics 275

Our school studies on muscles coincided happily with our Bible reading this week, covering the story of Samson. So family Bible time reviewed the full Biblical account and then some acting out. First a block temple built and pushed down four times (each kid needs a turn to be Samson of course).

pics 277

Next an illustration of how the Spirit of the Lord let strong rope be broken as easily as a cord burnt with fire.

pics 283

Next was play dough time – the haircutting set of course.

pics 289

And with that distraction each took their turn getting a haircut themselves – even mom!

After a quick lunch we enjoyed a family walk in the beautiful sunshine then rest time for everyone and mom fell asleep.

I awoke to find a father son project going in the garage!

pics 293 \

Lance braves the table saw to put some cuts on his AWANA pinewood derby car. pics 296

He was very decisive about what he wanted to do and Brian was creative in helping Lance do the work.pics 297

He would sand, check the texture and sand some more – very precise and very cute.

pics 300

Meanwhile Ivy and I worked on our book and enjoyed some hot tea. We learned how God made everyone different and beautiful. I love this girlie!

A yummy supper, clean up and bath time followed. At one point, when I was using a monkey diaper to cheer Eden, Brian beckoned me out of the bathroom just to dance to some beautiful music – such a romantic!

A beautiful, wonderful, restful day. Thank you Lord.

3 responses to “A perfect day”

  1. Carol

    Love the haircuts.

  2. Stacie

    Children are a blessing from the Lord!

  3. Anne

    Pleasant day, Dad and I took an afternoon walk, too
    Flora is already an expert at cutting hair!!
    Good ideas about building a block temple and bursting burnt rope.

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