House projects

Here’s a little of what we have been up to lately:

Brian tried his hand at building a few shelves. After much planning on paper he cut the pieces, I sanded and painted, then we put it all together. I gained a whole new respect for planning ahead when every piece fit just right!

pics 118 

His side

pics 116

Her side (note, this is before I moved most of the clothes in)

pics 121

Ivy helps me organize the hangers.

pics 126

Another weekend Brian wires an energy efficient contraption onto our dryer…

pics 125

…while Lance helps me prep for another project.

pics 320

And here is the finished project – salvaged fence boards turned into a decorative wall in our guest bath. I love how it turned out!

And then the big project – school room shelves. Brian spent a Saturday cutting all the pieces. I spent the week sanding and painting everything. Friday morning a friend watched our kids while we got started.


Smoothing the edges near the end. Thanks to Amy’s Dad for setting us up with the router and saving us lots of time!

pics 317

By the end of Saturday we had finished most of the building – now Amy just has to caulk and paint. I think we’ll be able to store a few books.

pics 312

And some of these pictures are thanks to Brian who fixed my camera this weekend!!

Progress is always exciting! More to come.

4 responses to “House projects”

  1. Lori

    It will be amazing how fast those shelves fill up!

  2. Carol

    I am so proud of you both with all that you have accomplished and how blessed you both are. You will enjoy this home for many years and it will be a reminder of God’s goodness to your family. Is the foundation/peers all fixed and no problems now? Thanks for you many posts.

  3. Anne

    Glad to see your camera is fixed. What a blessing. And I love your little helpers!

  4. Jack Paslay

    I often dreamed of having shelves like that… ‘specially like the book shelves of different heights for different size books.

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