Fall cuties!

pics 273

We had a little time yesterday after an activity in town so we decided on a picnic at the pumpkin patch to find some fun.pics 243

And boy did we find some fun! A few farm animals made up a ‘viewing zoo’ – including an escaped rabbit that roused much discussion. The little goats were entertaining until one tried to eat Eden’s cookie (seen in foreground) which made her cry.pics 231

There were several posing boards – can you guess which character is Eden?pics 252

The biggest hit was a hay maze – not too complicated and loads of fun to run around inside – especially if ‘mommy monster’ was chasing you!

pics 269

Fantastic sale on decorative items :-)

pics 304

Lance found a snail shell and carried it around until it surprised and unnerved him by coming out! After getting over his first shock (and watching Ivy hold it safely) he once again took ownership and it is now in an empty peanut butter jar in our house.

pics 274

My Lance man – always ready for running, fighting imaginary monsters and telling mom “I love you.”

pics 278

Ivy girl – full of fun, curiosity and grand ideas. Beautiful smile and full of life, capable, helpful and good with the little ones.

pics 282

Princess Flora – cutie pie and exhorter. Experimenting with the big kid world but still a wee one wanting to be tickled as I say good night and playing by herself almost as much as playing with the others.

pics 261

Baby Eden – but growing older every day! Cute, sweet, full of laughs and smiles. Showing great awareness of how things should be and lending her two small hands to help the family.

pics 307

A fun time was had by all and the whole car was sacked out by the time we got home. I think we’ll be going again!

4 responses to “Fall cuties!”

  1. Lori

    It was kind of rough giving Eden the tallest hole to look through.

  2. Jack Paslay

    That last picture says it all.

  3. Carol

    Fabulous times for all. I’m glad you are documenting this. In your ‘spare time’ don’t forget to document their cute sayings.

  4. Anne

    Loved it! Can’t wait to visit. Take Uncle David to pose as the Scarecrow.

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