Special days for a special girl

My second born, energetic, creative thinking, clone of myself turned a big 4 years old on July 6th.

pics 208

Grandparents were visiting on her special day and had a birthday present for her. I told her she could open it when the little girls woke up from their nap. Later I walked into the room and found Flora sleeping with some unusual items. Puzzled and amused, I took a picture then removed the items. Ivy admitted to putting them on her sister so she would wake up and presents could be opened. Flora must be a hard sleeper!

pics 224 

The birthday surprise was a wiggle water hose.

 pics 276

Planning a swim party for July seemed like a sure thing, but the morning of the party dawned cloudy and cool with a chance of rain. I knew little people would chill quickly so thought about postponing the party. But Ivy woke up asking “now can we do the party?” I explained the problem and her first response was “let’s pray mom.” We did and asked Jesus to make the rain go away. Within 10 minutes it started to rain. We went ahead however, with me scrambling to plan other activities that didn’t include water. By the time of the party, things had warmed up enough to play and by the end the sun was out. Sorry to those who hoped to have their yards watered.

Party highlights:

pics 288

Lance enjoyed the water slide….

.pics 282

Jenny the popsicles…

pics 279

and Ivy the presents.

pics 243

A ‘shoot out the candle’ game proved quite popular. Lance leans in for a greater advantage.

pics 246

And then finishes off the competition as well.

Water balloon fight was fun right until the very end – when they got the hang of actually hitting each other. Popsicles helped change tears to smiles.

Brian helped me set up a nifty obstacle course with all the water toys collected between me, my mom and sisters.

pics 268

Through the “car wash.”

pics 255

Under the noodle.

pics 258

Weave the buckets while being sprayed by the wiggle hose.

 pics 249

Twice around the ball.

pics 257 

Through the tunnel.

pics 266

Over the catwalk.

 pics 263

Jump into the pool.

pics 260

End with a water slide!!!

The party was fun and everyone was worn out – all four children took a nap that afternoon and so did mom!

2 responses to “Special days for a special girl”

  1. Carol

    Great blog and wonderful memories for the kids and everyone.

  2. Lori

    I love all the stuff on Flora. The ingenuity of that girl is astounding!

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