Castle Camp


This is a story about 3 children and their friends. The first is Lance the Brave, the next, Ivy the Thinker, and lastly, Flora the Good. This story will also have a terrible dragon, so beware!


Lance started out as an ordinary peasant, stomping grapes and making grape juice for a living.

Picture 005

Ivy and Flora milled wheat…

Picture 020

…and made it into bread.


One day Ivy lost her water balloon in a great big lake! Lance bravely jumped in to rescue the balloon and make his sister happy. This act of valor was noticed by a passing knight who made Lance a squire on the spot!

Picture 075

Lance began to train in water balloon warfare with other boys. He also learned to care for his horse, preserve food, joust and hunt for treasure.

Picture 067

Lance received a helmet and other pieces of armor which are not pictured along with his other training because the camera wasn’t working those days.

Picture 099

His sisters missed him while he was gone. Ivy had a good idea! Flora the Good would make him some bread and visit him!

Picture 077

Flora arrived just in time to watch her brother train with a catapult. This looked like so much fun!

Picture 044

Back at home Flora told Ivy all about what she had seen. Ivy the Thinker made a small castle and catapult so they could practice storming the castle, just like their brave brother.

Finally it was time for Lance to be knighted. His sisters and their friends were invited to the ceremonies. But on the way….       100_6421

….they were captured by a terrible dragon!!!!


Lance and all the other squires heard the cries of the fair maidens and rushed to their rescue. The dragon was demolished in 2.9 seconds! The dragon gathered itself together for another fight but was again defeated by the fearless boys.


The great victory was celebrated with much feasting and grape juice. Flora downs more than her share of the juice. Lance is dubbed “Sir Lance, the Brave” for his good deeds. Ivy the Thinker raises a toast to Castle Camp and they all live happily ever after as they travel to new realms!

The End.

2 responses to “Castle Camp”

  1. Anne

    Connor and Abbie and Grammy think this looks like lots of fun, but would take a long time to set up. I love the dragon!!! And Connor likes how they defeated it.

  2. Jack Paslay

    Where do you find the time to fix all that? I like the catapults and wonder if they really work.

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