Eden Naomi

Made up a little birth announcement:Eden

Eden means “Paradise” and Naomi means “pleasant and delightful.”


We pray that God would plant joy and thanksgiving in the garden of her heart so that she would sing praises to Him. We desire that God’s abundance in her heart would spill over into the dry places encountered by others, bringing them new life.


Aunt Katie – This was the first birth she has attended. She is quite pleased with the results.


Aunt Stacie – a great comfort to have around! She has been a part of all my birthing experiences.


Already knows how to sign “eat”


I love the little wrinkles. Eden also sports a covering of peach fuzz, making her sooo soft!


Trying to get that head up!


Nearing the end of the photo shoot….


We are so blessed with such a beautiful, perfect little girl!

7 responses to “Eden Naomi”

  1. Elma

    You both look great, Amy! Congrats! Very happy for you. :)

  2. Kimberly M.

    She is so cute!!!

  3. Barbara Cahill

    She is perfect! I am so glad to hear things went well and Eden has arrived! Can’t wait to meet her!!! Congratulations to the whole family!

  4. Becky Hurst

    Oh she is SO cute and tiny! I wish I could hold her! I hope you’re recovering well.

  5. Lori

    I shall have to visit you soon.

  6. Anne

    Beautiful!!! And I love the flowers in the background – so fitting. Can’t wait to hold her.

  7. Linda Gerbosi

    What a blessing!

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