Our last unit study was actually about three weeks ago. Many things happened between then and now, but thank the Lord (and my parents who gave me my camera) I have captured memories and can relive the fun with my reading audience.

We read about snakes and engaged our whole bodies in an imaginative effort to be one. We crawled on our bellies – Ivy using hands and feet, while Lance expressed the difficulty of a cursed life (See Genesis 3:14). We curled in a ball, opened our mouths wide to swallow prey and “squeezed” each other in constrictor hugs. These hugs have now become a repeated bedtime request.


We learned to roll playdough snakes! They liked it when I made little “rabbits” or “mice” for their snakes to eat.


Ivy shows off the snake she rolled – looks like it already had a big meal.


Flora participated by watching from under the table. Must have been an interesting show.

Ivy has a constrictor snake!

We also made a snake sock puppet and spiral paper snakes that hang above their beds .


Snake holes built out of blocks! We actually got the stuffed snakes as a library reading prize the week before we studied snakes – God has such good timing!


I built this snake house and then Ivy “decorated” it. You can see Lance’s snake emerging in the background.


Our big project was making paper mache eggs with little toy snakes inside that we later hatched out. We did this with some friends and determined that paper mache is not a toddler activity. I think it will be a while before we attempt that again! We also watched snakes hatching on youtube. On a side note, the kid standing next to Lance is just a little younger than him.

Along with our snake books we read the story of Adam and Eve being tempted in the garden and acted the story out with Daddy. It was funny because when we had the kids play the part of Adam and Eve Ivy wouldn’t touch the “no-no” apples. She’s one smart kid!

Later we had trouble with Lance telling Ivy to get out of bed and throw things in Flora’s crib (which she would do). He knew this would get her in trouble and even said something to the effect of “mommy is going to get you” when I came in the room. So I spent a while talking to him about tempting his sister to do wrong and used the Adam and Eve story to hopefully bring some understanding. He hasn’t been doing it lately so maybe it helped.

3 responses to “Ssssssnakes!”

  1. Lori

    I guess it will be a while before Lance is one of the big boys.

  2. Anne

    Loved the video, loved the whole post! Good idea to use Adam and Eve as your Bible study with this. Can’t wait to hug these little guys again.

  3. Jack Paslay

    Snake theme good idea. It’s probably a little early but be sure and teach them how to tell harmless from poisonous. Video real cute.

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