Catch up

I know it’s been much too long since my last post – I actually have several things to post about but thought I would do a general “see how the kids have grown!” kind of post first.

In the pool:


Flora loves using her floatie in the baby pool. The shallow water allows her to walk herself all over and be a part of the action!


While Ivy will play with us in the shallow pool, she loves testing herself in the “big water”. She’s not afraid to go under water (we learned that last year!) and we’re working hard to teach her to swim. She kicks well and is starting to use her arms more.


Lance still prefers “the little” and likes to specify which pool we’re going to before we even leave the house. He likes to wear this float and practice swimming movements where he can still touch the bottom.

In the house:IMG_6532

Ivy LOVES to color and received several different art products for her birthday – one of which is a dry erase crayon board. Lance, who is not as keen on coloring, likes this board too. All three kids try it out after Ivy’s party. Lance happened to be coloring with a brown crayon, pointed to his work and told me it was “big poop.” Ivy giggled. Flora munched.


The kids got sick this week and I got a sick day! What I mean, is that they felt bad, laid around, didn’t drag stuff out and took such great naps that I had more time than I expected and organized the drawers by my desk.


Part of organizing included boxing up some stuff and Flora surprised me by pulling up to a stand on the boxes. This is a new and very fun skill for her and is now being practiced all over the place.


Here the kids are playing in their “rocket ship” – I think they were taking swimsuits to mars or something. Interestingly, story time at the library later that day was about space and Lance was excited to read about a rocket. I’ll have to do a space theme sometime soon.

Out and about:


Chick-Fil-A cow day had us making costumes – I think I spent longer doing this than I would have spent making dinner. Oh well, it was fun, the kids were excited to get their own drink and play on the playground. Lance also liked seeing the “cow” but Ivy was on the verge of tears as it passed our table.

I would have taken a picture of Brian and I but I forgot the tape, our costumes were blowing everywhere and the kids were in the parking lot Life isn’t always “picture perfect.”


One morning we all enjoyed breakfast on the back porch so Daddy could sleep in after a long night of work. While I was busy carting stuff in and out, Flora found some leftovers and introduced herself to a new food – NutriGrain bars!


We played with water guns and Lance had the strangest idea of fun. I also like the way they say “shooting.” Later we took a walk around the complex, shooting everything we saw. Unfortunately I didn’t bring the camera. Lance found an earthworm and carried it until it died. Ivy made a nest out of crepe myrtle flowers and put rock “eggs” in it like the dinosaur movie they saw the day before. Flora sat in the stroller and wished she could walk.

Hope you enjoyed some of the highlights of the last two weeks!

3 responses to “Catch up”

  1. Jack Paslay

    As usual, a lot of cute and clever ideas and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Alicia Jones

    You’ve been busy! Flora is such a big girl! I love how the kids’ imagination comes into play, and how much it relates to boy or girl personality types. :-)

  3. Lori

    I think that video of Lance deserves to be in funniest home videos.

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