Pirate Camp!

Ahoy Matey! We’re about to set sail for adventure, wanna come along? A word of warning, this will be no pleasure voyage, but if ye weather through, ye might be finding some treasure at the end!

Still want to sign on? Har! Come aboard then.


Get rid of those land lubberly clothes and deck yourself out in the rags of a pirate! (Brian and I rigged these up the night before “camp” started)


Didn’t expect to find yourself swabbing the deck? Har, har, har. Here be the rules: (swabbing the playground – a very popular activity)


Double time it or you’ll feel the ropes end! (swabbing a fence)


You better prove yourself seaworthy… (making milk carton boats)


…or you might find yourself walking the plank! (jumping off into the swimming pool)


Eat yer grub, even if it’s lookin’ at ye. (the moms were so creative with the snacks!)


Tha cook spent a long time makin’ it for you scurvy dogs. (blue jello with gummy fish)


Ahoy thar! An enemy ship! All hands on deck! (we had water balloons almost every day!)IMG_6328

Load the cannon! Give ‘em back whatever they dish out.


Battle is over, better hoist our colors. (making flags)


What’s this? A clue, eh? (treasure hunts)


Into the swag you dogs, no holding back. (Searching for pennies in a “swamp”)


Dig, DIG, me hearties! “X” marks the spot. Tis treasure we’ll be finding! (we buried and dug up treasure several times)


A chest with a curse – dare we open? (this treasure hunt yielded golden “doubloons”)


Black beard’s treasure! (necklaces, coins and painted rocks!)


What’s this? More treasure? (Digging in the ball pool for suckers)


Ah, a pirates life for me! (cute little costumes made by one of the moms)

End note: 6 moms and their kiddos (14 pre-schoolers and baby Flora) got together to make this camp happen. We each planned and hosted one day at our house or a park. The kids had bunches of fun, learned new stuff and we moms had fun doing it.

5 responses to “Pirate Camp!”

  1. Kimberly Mallett

    What fun! I wish that I could have been half as creative as you are when my kids were little. Your posts just make me smile to think what fun you all are having! ;-)

  2. Jack Paslay

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the camp. I really liked the wiener octopus-squid thing. Real clever.

  3. Anne

    Next time you have pirate camp, I want to come!!! I’m pretty good with water balloons!

  4. Lori

    I like the swabbing thing. What a good way to make work fun!

  5. Alicia Jones

    How fun! I love lollipops!

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