As I was saying…

Lance: Hero material


Brian asked for the salt and pepper at a meal. Always eager to do grown up things Lance asked for the pepper. When that had been sprinkled on his food he asked for the “white pepper” as well.

Lance may not know how to count, but he arrives at the right answer: Counting hippos in a book – “three, pibe (five) six, pibe” then he holds up two fingers and correctly announces that there are two hippos.

Lance can’t say the letter “F” for the life of him so the dogs around here say “russ, russ!”

Lance feels compelled to pass on every command he is given:

Daddy: Lance, take a bite

Lance: Ivy, take a bite!

Mommy: Lance, go potty

Lance: Ivy go potty!

Ivy: Our new bottle washer


Ivy has a touch of a Russian accent: She likes to “ride a horski”, “watch a moveski” and play ring around the rose-ski”

Ivy calls her teddy bear “tebba-lair”

Once Ivy was crying and Lance pushed her into their room (the crying room), shut the door and yelled through it “Ivy, no crying!”

Flora: The quiet one


Flora doesn’t say much but it shouldn’t be long. Already she would rather coo at me than eat.

If she’s just lying somewhere playing and you come up and talk to her she breaks out into a huge smile, so excited that you noticed her!

Here’s a bit of Lance chatter

3 responses to “As I was saying…”

  1. Jim Jones

    Thanks for letting us be part of your good life. dad

  2. Alicia Jones

    I think you’re right, being a mommy gives you license to be a kid again…and play with your food. “Bye, bye, tractor!” That’s great. Flora must sense the competition. Ivy looks so proud and happy with herself doing big girl work. Lance’s facial expressions are priceless. :-)

  3. Crystal

    awww I love the tractor lol. Glad to see that Cadence isnt the only one who thinks sandwhiches are the most versatile toys ever.

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