Fun times!

Having kids can mean you have a wonderful excuse to have a lot of fun!


Saturday we went to a birthday party at “Pump it Up” a place full of bounce houses and obstacle courses.

IMG_1663   IMG_1667

Both kids LOVED it (as did their parents). Lance was so tired at the end that he could barely eat the cake.


With the warmer weather we’ve also set out the pool for a cool activity during the day. They play and splash while mommy takes a break and reads nearby.


Yesterday I felt like taking on a mess so we “finger painted” with shaving cream – I colored it with food coloring just for fun.


Ivy had no problem figuring out what to do! Surprisingly she didn’t really try to taste it – the stuff on her face is from slapping her hand on the table to make the foam fly!


Lance decided to take finger painting one step further and ended up with body painting. (Notice the cream is now green instead of blue and yellow) Bath tub for both kids! They smelled so nice after they were clean :-)


And this morning we met with a group of friends to tour a fire station. Lance enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat and got to honk the horn.

After the station we went to story time at the library. After lunch we hit WalMart (always a fun outing for whoever gets to sit in the basket with the food). At the check out line Lance helped me unload the cart onto the conveyor belt. By the time we made it home, both were fast asleep.

Mommy unloaded the kids and the groceries and then had a fun time, all by herself. :-)

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