Swim time!


With the heat of summer coming on fast our kids have been introduced to the fun of swimming! Ivy has taken to the water fearlessly! No walking along the edge or sitting in a floatie like Lance – no way! She barges right through the kiddie pool, oblivious to any danger. Mommy and Daddy have to keep a sharp eye out because repeated falls and their subsequent dunkings do nothing to phase her desire to explore. I can hardly get Lance to put his face close enough to the water to blow bubbles but Ivy will reach for the filter at the bottom and come up spluttering. Swim time is anything but relaxing. However, it really wears the kids out!

 IMG_7596   IMG_7606

These pictures are from Memorial day at our friend’s house. Ivy loves any type of fruit and quite enjoyed her watermelon. Lance, typical to usual behavior, spent quite some time throwing the Bocce balls in and out of the pool. Of course, splashing Ivy was fun too :-)

We had the twins over on a hot day but when we got dressed for a swim, a huge storm rolled in and it rained the entire time!

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