A party!


Today is my birthday party!!! After making my cake and taking a nap I was more than ready for an adventure!


First stop, the Fire Station! As we arrived the station got a call so we watched the trucks race out with lights flashing and sirens blaring – exciting!


The fire Chief showed us the station and a hook and ladder truck.


We all took turns in the driver’s seat.

IMG_5961   IMG_5967

I’m glad my sister came along so I could show her how everything worked. I read lots about fire trucks you know. I can even say “fire truck”.


Here are my friends: Logan, Landon, me, Addison and Ivy.


After they finally drug me out of the fire truck we went to the park and my cake was there! I think it’s really neat.


Daddy tried to light the candles but the wind was blowing too much. That’s okay, I’m not good at blowing them anyhow.

IMG_6005   IMG_6015

Eating is much more in my line of expertise. So is digging in the sand.


Ivy had a great time too, sharing an ice cream with a little boy on the playground.


She wasn’t too happy with Uncle Dude for putting a stop to her good times.

Later my great grand parents took me to IHOP where the waitress gave me ice cream. I’m not sure what I did to deserve such good treatment!


I had a great day. Now I am a REAL Fireman.

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