Weekend with Family

Had a fun weekend with the whole Cahill clan! This is the entire family – and growing. :-)

Oliver, Rachel and Lance – We love coming at the same time as Brian’s sister, then the cousins can play with each other!


We tried splash time together but Oliver wasn’t so sure about sharing the tub.


Sam and Bekah came over bringing their little girl, Sadie. She and Ivy are getting acquainted with the help of some toys.


And one group picture of the kids. You always get a good laugh when trying to capture a shared happy moment. Sorry Oliver, this was the picture with the most smiles.

Brian and I tried something new. Bekah and Sam invited Nathan, Rachel, Brian and I to participate in a monthly dance. We had a group lesson for the first hour and learned the swing. Then a live band played for the second hour and Brian and I happily danced the steps we knew to whatever was being played. We even managed to shuffle around in a waltz like motion to 4/4 time! The next Fred and Ginger!

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