Lance – man

After several posts featuring Ivy, I thought I’d give Lance his share of the limelight.


This photo really captures the boyhood in Lance right now – going at life full steam ahead with no reserves, no regrets and half the time with no clothes (too bad he doesn’t meet potty training head on). I am encouraged to report that he signed “potty” to me last night on his own thought – though it was more of an after thought – but I was excited for any step in the right direction.

IMG_9117 IMG_9276

As a Cahill he is already learning the value of money, though for now it’s more of a play thing -  handful of change keeps him entertained for an hour! He also puts great value on food, the making and especially the eating of it.


Like a man, Lance enjoys his food (if he decides the food is eatable – this time it was mac & cheese and therefore approved). He has also picked up a funny trait; if he only gets one of something yummy, he’ll eat it very slowly, nibble by nibble. It can take him five minutes to eat a goldfish cracker. But if there’s plenty then he gobbles them all down like a growing kid.


Time with Daddy is always fun, and often educational. Here they review a networking diagram and during reading time he’s learning that penguins are “Linux”.

I left the kids with Brian this morning and he took the opportunity to instruct Lance in the skills of manhood.

And so my little boy is growing up.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and in the end he will not depart from it”

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  1. Erin Tooley

    too cute! If I gave Matthew pennies to play with, I think he’d try to eat them. What were y’all baking?

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