Yep, it’s me. I thought I’d hack this site and make a post worth reading.


I’m quite a smart little fellow – I have a thorough understanding of important words like ‘eat’, ‘outside’, ‘swimming’ and ‘read books’. I have also extended my spoken vocabulary to include the word “no”. I can correctly identify several “no” objects and like to let the big people in on the house rules.

  IMG_8013 IMG_8110

I can wave bye-bye now when Daddy leaves for work and I’m building big, strong, muscles from climbing all over the playground.

  IMG_8249 IMG_8004

I’m quite the man at the pool – always a big hit, especially in my robe. (hint to you guys, the frog thing gets the ladies every time!) Sometimes the younger girls are a bit too friendly and I have to brush them off with a wave of my hand as I scoot closer to Mommy – my girl. It’s so difficult to be popular. <sigh> I’m also getting quite good at hide and seek….I can find Daddy every time I hide.

Of course, life is never perfect; being the littlest – through no fault of my own – I often become the source of amusement. There is no end to the things Daddy will think of…I’m just storing ideas away to use on that baby they keep talking about.

Signing off!


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