Corpus Christi

   Last weekend our anticipated trip East to attend a wedding changed course and headed south for a funeral instead. My Grandma (or Gram as we knew her) passed away and we were able to pay our respects in person.

   We took off Sat. morning, wondering how Lance would fare on the 7+ hour trip. A little outside of Austin we passed a Cabela’s outdoor store and having been there before, Brian thought it would make a fun place for Lance to stretch his legs.


Lance was wowed by the huge fish that seemed close enough to tough…if it weren’t for that glass in the way….


Daddy and Lance explored all over the store, trying out the products.

Mommy enjoyed looking at all the stuffed animal setups, from African savannah to Arctic tundra.


Since our destination was near the beach we took another little pit stop to introduce Lance to the ocean. He was underwhelmed – the waves were big and splashy and the sand kept washing out from under his feet.


Within the comfort zone of Daddy’s presence, Lance claims a victory over the receding waves.

The rest of Saturday evening was spent visiting with my grandpa, aunt and cousin.


Sunday was the funeral where all the “Jones kids” sang a favorite hymn and my Dad gave the eulogy.

My grandma was a neat person, always interested in building others up and investing in their lives. I have many fond memories of Summer weeks at her house.


The graveside service followed with my brothers acting as pallbearers.

Brian and I left from here to make the drive back home, picking up a little hitchhiker in the form of my sister Katie. We arrived back at our place late that night – exhausted but glad we were able to shown our love with our presence.

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