Happy Birthday

Saturday Brian took me out to the Ft. Worth Botanical gardens as a special outing for my upcoming birthday. The weather was just right and the sights were beautiful.

img_7706 img_7708

Brian took my picture next to the “Cinco de Mayo” roses – pretty color and wonderful fragrance.  We also took time out for a family photo along with many other brides, families and little girls in white dresses – the fountain must be a popular backdrop.


I thought this flower was beautiful – Lance just wanted to play in the water.


And here I am, posed by my favorite flower – Snapdragons.

Afterwards we went out to the Macaroni grill and enjoyed some delicious Italian food in a very romantic setting. We got there just in time as a rain storm hit during lunch. On our way home we stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond to get my birthday present – some cooling racks I’ve needed for baking and such.

After the fun on Saturday I was totally unsuspecting of any surprises on my actual birthday (yesterday).  Brian outdid himself though! I was awakened to a wonderful breakfast tray that I ate leisurely in bed – what a treat!


Having missed breakfast with his parents, Lance was left to himself and decided to make mommy a birthday present too – a big mess! I guess there are a limited number of resources available to a one year old.


Mommy helps him clean up.


Later that morning I had a ladies Bible study and came home to this!! What a surprise! Brian had been up early the last two mornings gathering supplies, picking flowers, and writing a card. I had dropped him off at work and knew he had a meeting that covered the entire time I was gone so I was perplexed as to how he managed to pull this off! Turns out he got a little help from a buddy at work – but Brian got all the brownie points :-) I was very surprised and amazed when I walked in to such a display of love – I truly have an incredible, resourceful man.

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