I think my favorite part of having Brian around in the evening or for an outing is watching how he interacts with Lance. The minute Brian walks in the door he is greeted by a big smile and an excited “aaaah”!! Lance knows the fun is about to begin.


They love to check out all the wonders of this world, from water fountains to AC units that blow your hair on end.


Hiding from Mommy.

They also play all sorts of fun games, like sliding around the floor in a frying pan, balloon bop and chase the birds.


Brian likes to challenge Lance, make him into a little man.


And like Mary Poppins, every day is a holiday when they’re together – the pet store turns into a zoo and the bathtub becomes a water park.

Daddy has been big on practicing walking and all their hard work has finally paid off – two weeks ago Lance took off and hasn’t stopped. They are both extremely proud of their accomplishment and love to show off for the church nursery and to all of Brian’s buddies at work.

These two are best buds.

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