Visit with Family

This past weekend we traveled over to Brian’s parents for a visit – here are a few of the highlights:


Lance had his 1 year old check up – he weighed in at 17 lbs. and had grown 3 inches!


Lance’s new walking skills were shown off – at first he was reluctant to walk to anyone else but mom and dad, he even abruptly changed course once to land in mom’s lap instead of the intended receiver. Uncle Kevin finally persuaded him to come by shaking some car keys.


Brian’s sister, Rachel,  shows Lance a video of himself. I think Brian looks really buff in this picture.


One afternoon was spent playing a new disc golf course in Tyler. Brian had the two pregnant ladies on his team (Amy and Rachel) so it’s a good thing he could throw far! His teammates contented themselves with making a difference on the putts.


Lance celebrated his 1st birthday with another big family gathering – all the Cahill kids were there plus spouses/boyfriends and grandparents.


Lance’s cake had a marshmallow topping which he would pick off and eat in bits. Once the marshmallow was stuck on his hand and he had us in stitches while he tried his best to shake it off.

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Lance loved his new toys. He liked the first one he unwrapped so much that he cried every time we took it away trying to get him to open the next one.  I guess a 1 year old only needs one present :-) He also got a cool walking toy that he loves to push around everywhere.

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