Happy Birthday

One year ago today (or rather sometime late this evening) Lance came into the world.


He came with a smile, ready to greet life. And today he is still the same – a smile for everyone he meets.


Today we are visiting Brian’s family and of course that means a check-up with Grandpa “Doc”. Lance wore his little scrubs for the occasion which made for a big hit at the office. We confirmed that he really is growing – just at his own rate :-) Amy’s family sang “happy birthday” over the phone to cheer him up after his shots.


This whole last year with our little man has been delightful. Lance is an incredibly cheerful boy – he awakes in the morning with a little call telling us he’s ready to start the day. He loves to be outside and park time is always a favorite. He loves animals, especially dogs. He tends to behave even better in public than at home and is a determined learner. He goes with the flow and seems poised to enjoy whatever circumstance comes his way. We know we have been incredibly blessed with such an optimistic, friendly fellow – he seems to know that life is truly good.

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