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I thought it was about time to do a little update on myself :-) I’m just finishing my 20th week of pregnancy which makes me halfway done! It’s amazing because time has gone so quickly with this one. The fact that I hardly sick at all and didn’t need the two hour naps that I took for the first three months last time has helped and I’m sure playing with Lance has been a major distraction as well – I can’t get over how cute he is!

I had Brian take a picture of me last night so you could see how my tummy is growing. For some reason people enjoy seeing these things.


I think I look bigger this picture than I do in real life. I can wear some things and still look like I’m not pregnant but that’s getting trickier. I’m starting to pull out a few maternity things and just switched out my “skinny jeans” for my “normal jeans” – hopefully I have a few more weeks before I hit the “elastic jeans.”  I’ve gained about 10 lbs so far but I’m not quite up to my start weight for the last pregnancy.

I had a few food aversions at the beginning but can eat almost anything now and have had very few cravings (except maybe chocolate :-) I started feeling the baby kick a few weeks ago and Brian got to feel a bunch of kicking one night last week (right after I drank chocolate milk). Much as I’d like a little boy to be buddies with Lance, I sort of feel like this one’s a girl – so that’s my guess. We have a girl name we like but haven’t settled on a boys name yet, any suggestions? It needs to start with an “I” and we’ve already considered Isaac, Isaiah, Ian, and Ivan – good names but nothing has “struck” us so far. We’d like it to not be too common (Isabel) and yet not too far out (Ingaberg).

So there’s the update on Cahill #2 – a small bit of glory among the shenanigans of it’s older brother.

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