This is the first in a series of posts about a road trip Lance and I took over the weekend to visit friends.


Following a dream about one of my friends, I thought it would be fun to go visiting. Brian granted use of the car on the condition that I leave him with enough good meals to last him during my absence.

First stop was to see the grandparents – Nana and Doc. While there, we took advantage of some warmish weather to wash the city grime off of our car. Lance decided to help and Benj. caught some beautiful pictures of me and my little buddy.

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This last one is my favorite – I love his expression.

Besides car washing, Lance got to show off his new tricks, examine Nana’s new car and try Aunt Kim’s Raspberry white chocolate scones – yummy! The first delightful day of our trip ended with a good game of Wizard and bedtime for all!

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