Beach Fun!

Lance and I are down visiting my grandparents near Corpus Christi. My siblings and I were all introduced to the beach here, and yesterday I had the priviledge of introducing my own son to the ocean…

He was thrilled to be there.

Once he woke up, we put on his little swim trunks, and carried him down to the water. I dipped his feet in and let the waves wash against his little body, jumping him up whenever they were too big. Once a big one hit me and splashed higher than I anticipated and got his face. Tasting the salt water, Lance dropped his stoic expression for a surprised one and smacked his lips several times trying to figure out this new sensation.

My little spartan finally got cold so I wrapped him up in a big towel and left him to play with aunt Lori while I hit the waves with my brothers.

After dinner, we carried out our tradition of making a sand sculpture – this year’s inspiration coming from having Lance with us. We built a dragon for “Sir Lance, Sleepalot” to slay.

Achieving victory, Sir Lance was carried home on his silver horse (our car) to wash the sand off and go to sleep, ready for the next days adventures!

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