We are at my grandparents to visit for a few days. These are my mom’s parents but we call them Gram and Grandpa. We’ve spet many summers at their house; swimming, going to the beach, riding bikes, playing at the park, T.V., monopoly, slip’n slide…I have many good memories.

Here’s a four generation shot. This is the only pictre you’ll get because the upload is being funny.

While I’ve been here I’ve been thinking a lot about married life. We were at a wedding this weekend where I watched my friends vow to love each other for better or worse…till death do us part. Gram is now in a nursing home, so different than the bride my grandpa vowed to love 54 years ago and yet, it’s like they’re still dating. Grandpa goes and spends visiting hours with her every day, trying to break up the monotony. He told me that he tries to bring her something special every day – yesterday it was two home-grown cherry tomatoes. Gram isn’t always very responsive, but he spends the time with her anyhow…every day….every week….I think he’s in love with her
  I’m way from my husband right now, he carries on at the house, working hard to provide for Lance and I while we’re out having fun. He calls me every evening so we can talk and tell each other that we miss them. It’s like we’re courting again.
  My Dad too is out working hard while the family is away. He’s putting in extra hours, even sleeping at the job site to save commuting time and gas, getting things done so he can enjoy the family when we get back.
  Our men go to great lengths to provide for and take care of their women and children. It’s so neat to watch these amazing men and the good example they are providing for the next generation. May we as wives honor them because they truly are honorable. Thank God for these wonderful husbands.

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