Bath time

Somehow, without seeming to do much more than eat and sleep, my little boy manages to need a bath. Sometimes it’s because of contact with lots of people and a need to “de-germ” him, other times it’s a gradual build up of spit up, dirty diapers and just plain living, but the result is the same – bath time!

Makes me think of the concept of being cleansed by God’s word. Sometimes I’ve been in contact with bad influences, mingled with the ‘wrong crowd’ too much or shared disgruntled feelings with someone at church. In this case I need to “de-germ” myself and regain a proper focus by going to the scriptures and letting truth wash out the lies. Other times I’ve just been living my ‘normal’ life, perhaps not seeing anyone besides Brian for several days with little to no contact with “the world.” Yet I still get dirty, dirty with complacency, self-centeredness, or discouragement. Again I need the cleansing effect of reading my Bible to refresh my outlook on life.

Bath time is not always pleasant as little Lance is telling us. Sometimes getting clean isn’t fun when sin gets pointed out and I have to get humble with God.

But after it’s all over, contentment and happiness reign when God’s love wraps you up like a big towel.

And now for a little fun….

“Mom, what have you done to me?”

“Are you laughing at my expense?”

In the end, having used baby shampoo to wash him, baby powder to dry the damp spots and baby lotion to moisten the dry spots, he smells like a proper baby.

Applying different verses to the right spots leaves us smelling like proper Christians.

Is it time for a bath?

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