“The grass withers, the flower fades….”

Today Lance is 1 month old! Hard to believe that we’ve already enjoyed him for that long!

Posing in the Bluebonnets is a “family tradition” but you have to be quick – in a few weeks all of these flowers will be gone, just like the few weeks of Lance’s life that have already passed.

“…But the word of our Lord stands forever!”

People and the word of God are the only two things that will last beyond this world. Even though weeks fly by and each beautiful stage fades away to the next, I can rejoice knowing that this little life will last for eternity.

Lance is such a good little guy; not fussy, content, quite the charmer and a delight to everyone he meets.He loves to play with daddy, go for walks and have “singing time” with mommy. He’s very alert and will stay awake for two and sometime three hours, just observing the world around him.

Mommy and her little man.

Like father, like son.

Our family!

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