Okay, looks like I need to write a little bit on here. Mostly I’m putting off something I’m supposed to be doing
  Anyhow, not a huge lot to report from the weekend except that we’re investigating a very promising church – so that’s exciting! Hopefully I’ll start making friends once we’re settled for sure. Though we did get some good friends from a church we visited just one time. My advice? Take time for the fellowships, that’s when you really get to know people!
  Brian finished his school course on Organizational Behavior and scored an A+  on the class! He’s 1/4 of the way done now which is really encouraging! He’s now waiting on his next textbook to arrive in the mail.
  I’m working on a radio drama of the Nutcracker story – which goes quite a bit beyond the ballet. I read the story to Brian and he had a really good idea for part of it.
  I’m also memorizing portions of Luke 1&2 – the part concerning Mary. I figured I’ll be ‘with child’ over the Christmas holidays, so that would be a fun portion of scripture to think about as I memorize.
   Oh, and last night we went to Brahm’s for ice cream. Someone had given Brian some money to something for me and we both thought that ice-cream would be a good idea.

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