Brian turned into a Mr. Fit-it this weekend. He insulated the front door better (preparing for winter ) We also made this nifty grill rack to fit on our porch railing and made a shelter for our bikes.

Much thanks to my dad who had all the random materials that we used for these projects.

Later that morning we went to gather pecans at a nearby park. I’ve got a lot of work in front of me now! If only I had a Nutcracker…..
   Brian also went dumpster diving for the first time  – someone threw away a great little desk unit that was in good condition. We helped ourselves and after Brian gave it a thorough cleaning we installed it in the work room – it’s going to be a nice addition!
  I’ve also learned to be careful about taking Brian to WalMart with me He saw some shelves (we have been wanting to put some in our closet for a while) so Sunday night after church we made a quick stop to get them. Of course, like Christmas, once you get something new you’ve got to open it and use it right away! It turned into a major organizational project and we stayed up till midnight getting things arranged.
  Then, last night we went to a acrobatic/clown show. A lady that works for the Arts center gave us free tickets so we enjoyed a date. Brian even became part of the show when the clown was roaming throuh the audience and chose Brian’s head as a great place to sit…on a whoopie cushion.

And just for you entertainment – here’s what laundry day looks like at our place. I spent most of yesterday getting things in order so I can go on vacation today! I’m going with Brian’s family to their favorite State Park. Brian has to stay here and work though We will miss each other. He is very generous to let me go have fun like this.

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