“Some people feel that life begins at conception;
others, when a baby draws its first breath.
However, there are an increasing number that feel that
life doesn’t truly begin until the last child has left the house.”
 - A Catholic Priest

I know that my baby is alive – alive and kicking! Just last night a typical event unfolded….

 - Amy busy on her computer, Brian writing a college paper on his –
Amy: Wow, tadpole is really moving around a lot!
 - Brian takes less than a minute to finish the paragraph he’s typing then comes to put his hand on Amy’s belly –
 - Amy pushes tummy – “wake up tadpole!”
 “I don’t feel anything”
 “Come on tadpole, don’t make mommy a liar – kick your daddy!”
“….I still don’t feel anything”
“I guess tadpole went to sleep”
 - Brian goes back to his writing and Amy to hers, the evening continues without further interruption. –

This morning however, Tadpole was a little more agreeable and daddy got to feel several good kicks – I think it will be a morning person.

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