Well, here’s the kiddo! Maybe you can make out a profile of a baby sucking it’s thumb.
   A really kind lady that we met at a church we were trying out on Wed. knew a friend of ours and in the course of the conversation she offered to give me a sonogram for free! So Saturday we went to the Birth Center, had a little tour, met some of the midwives and best of all, got to see our baby!
  It’s still a little early to determine sex plus the baby had it’s legs modestly crossed the whole time, but that’s okay, we sort of want it to be a surprise anyways. It was just fun to see our baby and be told that it was perfectly normal, and exactly as far along as we thought it was – 14 weeks and five days. This gives me a due date of March 18th.
  It’s pretty amazing to think of the whole process, how I walk (or bike) around town and nobody would even guess that a miracle was taking place inside of me. To watch the baby jerk around and wave it’s arms and be so perfectly whole when it’s a mere 4 in. long is amazing! Most of man’s inventions when they first start out are big and clumsy – think of the first computer – and over time they are perfected down to smaller and more advanced machines. God however starts them out small and advanced yet leaving each model with room to be uniquely shaped and molded to where it becomes like none other here on earth!

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