Okay, I finally pulled the pictures off of Brian’s phone and put them on my computer and now have actually sat down to make up a post with them!
  First off, Brian’s department is in the middle of moving from one building to another. But I did get to see his temporary office last week:

Wow, does that look techy or what?

Can you believe he works on all of these at the same time? One is his laptop, one is a computer he was rebuilding or something and I guess the other is his office computer. The little thing on his ear is the bluetooth headset for his cell phone – wireless and hands free, he loves it! Whenever his phones goes off he can just touch the ear-piece and start talking.

Here is the skyline of where he works – the main building in the middle is where the new office will be, the third building from the left is where he currently works.

Here is the new office building up close. He’ll be on the 14th floor. Williams Square is apparently famous for the horse statues in front which I’ll try and get a picture of later.

I’ve also been able to meet several of Brian’s co-workers. They’re really nice and we hope to have most of them over for dinner at some point. Brian is the young guy on the team but due to his past experience with the ALERT network is able to troubleshoot and help out with the best of them. He’s having a great time and I’m really excited about the things he’s able to work with and learn.

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