A five hour date and two break-ins.

It all started with a Saturday outing to IKEA – a big
furniture store in north Dallas. We were going to make a date of it by going
out to Texas Roadhouse as well (a little farther north). Being later in the
afternoon by the time we were on our way we decided to eat first so our
browsing wouldn’t be rushed.

  All seemed fine and
dandy as we walked out of the restaurant around 6:00pm until we got to the car
and realized that both sets of keys were inside the car…and it was locked.

  An $85 locksmith
fee was enough incentive to turn Brian into the newest pop-a-lock business and
we set off to scrounge up some supplies. He found two wooden stakes in the
parking lot that he could use for wedges – now, where could we get a wire hanger?

  Fortunately there
was a clothing store nearby…unfortunately, the newest style for hanging clothes
is plastic hangers. We checked through the local Albertsons in search of
something…anything we could use. Finally, someone we had asked to check the back
dock found a coworker who used his car antennae to open his door “all the

  Back at our car
with renewed hope the guys set to work. I watched with interest for about half
an hour…with waning optimism for another half hour…and sat on the curb in
discouragement and prayer for yet another hour.

   The antennae and a
belt finally managed to pop the trunk where we thought one set of keys might be
– no such luck. We couldn’t even get through the back seat into the car because
they had a latch on the inside. Oh well, at least we know how difficult it is
to break into a Camry.

  By this time it was
8:30 – our two helpful guys left and Brian called the locksmith again – $95 and
an hour wait…and our cell phone battery was almost dead – there had to be a better way! Who comes to mind but my faithful
and every ready friend, Bekah! It was something like this: “hi, our keys are
locked in the car, could you break into our apartment through an unlocked window on the second floor, get the spare key out
of the desk and bring it to our location, 30 min away?” True to the family
nature, she, and Sam and Jonathan and her dad, were ready to come to our

  They arrived on the
scene around 10:30, we unlocked the car, then went in the restaurant to reward
everyone with a round of dessert.We left at closing – 11:00 which made our date there a total of five hours! We said our thanks
and goodbyes and everyone went back to their own places. What a night!

First attempted break-in                           The rescue group – Jonathan (far left) making the actual break-in.

(Sorry, I don’t know why all those question marks are in there)

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