I have found internet access!!! There’s a library about a mile from our apartment – hooray for wireless!

This update will be short because I already wrote a ton of emails and I have some research to do.

I took some pictures of Brian at his office but they are on his phone so I’ll have to post them later (when I figure out how to get them off of there and on the computer!)

We got a new dishwasher – the one in the apartment couldn’t be fixed so they ordered us a new one and installed it today. This will be the first time we’ve used one since being married!

I went shopping for Brian because he only had two shirts and ties and that’s the new dress code – wearing a uniform for the last 8 years produced a deficit in that area of clothing. Funny thing is, the two long sleeve shirts he currently has are ones I had him buy right before we got married! I did find a good shirt at Good Will for $2.50 and the only two good ties that they had there. There are nice things to be had at a Good Will but you really have to look!

Okay, I’d better get going now!

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