A whole lot has been happening recently so I’ll try to catch up a little.
Monday evening Brian, Lori, Kevin and I went to hear the year end performance of the Longview Area Youth Symphony Orchestra. Mrs. Cahill plays viola, Benjamin is the principle second violin and Daniel is the Concertmaster!

(that’s Daniel standing up)
They played a good selection of crowd pleasers, my favorite being Russian and Ludmilla Overture (never heard it before but it was lively). They played a medley of Phantom music while three of the musicians sang; they all did well but the “Phantom” out-shined the other two.
  As Concertmaster, Daniel played a solo on his violin which was accompianed by the orchestra.

Daniel played Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major by Mozart – for those who want to know.

I liked this picture of the two brothers.
The evening was wonderful and filled with family fellowship afterwards. I’m glad we were able to be involved in a big part of their life.

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