This weekend Brian and I were deployed to a book fair near Jackson MS. We had a wonderful drive, savoring the extra together time, and stayed at a wonderful house out in the country under the hospitality of an ATI mom.

The fair was small but it caused the people attending to be less harried and more willing to stop a moment and talk about the program. I think I recruited at least three girls for STEP next year. It was also a good chance to encourage a Cadet family (Father and son helped run the booth) trying to establish a squad in the Jackson area.

One evening after the book fair, the family invited us over for dinner and on the way to their house the father gave us a tour of downtown Jackson. Among many historic and interesting buildings we saw this:
A Memorial to the Missing.

When this little house is full it will hold 50 million pennies – one
for each baby killed by abortion since Roe v. Wade.
First Baptist
church of Jackson has erected this memorial and it stands right across
the street from the state capitol.

After the tour we enjoyed a wonderful meal and a good visit with the family. In all, we had a good weekend, though we were glad to head for Texas…..and cheaper gas!

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