Brian has received several awards this week so I thought it proper to inform the world of his accomplishments.

The first thing came in the mail – his diploma from college!

He worked off and on for seven weeks compiling all the training and
testing he had done since high school and sent it in to be evaluated.
He was told he had three things to do to complete a Bachelors degree so
he studied a week and took two CLEP tests then spent another three or
four intense days of study to complete a course on Biblical geography. He has graduated and his transcript is on the way to get him enrolled at Liberty university where he will pursue a Master’s in Business.

Next came the award ceremony at ALERT.
Wednesday we received certificates for completing a financial course and a Presidential Service award for the volunteer work we’ve done here on campus.

Thursday they handed out awards within the ALERT program and Brian was up for quite a few!
43rd Scripture Memory award (each award for reciting a passage of 50 or more verses)
24th Physical Training Excellence (this is hard to get!)
13th ALERT cadet challenge award
3 ALERT service awards
Giving him a total of 137 awards and making him the most “decorated” ALERT man ever!
Brian is a high achiever and excels in everything he puts his hand to.
I just wanted to say, way to go my man!

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