Welcome to our house! If you are here for the virtual tour of the new
Cahill residence then please step inside and make yourself at home – we

At first you would be greeted with quite a site! But through hard work this weekend, Brian and I have put everything to rights and transformed our living space from this…..

To this!

Next you shall see our kitchen, where we have already enjoyed several good meals. The bathroom is complete with a his and hers sink – a definite plus in getting ready in the morning).

The bedroom is a great little sanctuary – the head board was perfect – thank you to dad who got a hold of it for us. The bedside tables were picked out on Saturday complete with the matching lamps – Brian had a hand in this and did a great job – nice touch to the room.

Brian’s biggest contribution was to the work space for the two of us. My computer is on the left – that’s where I’m sitting right now. He found these great desks, the little console for inbetween them and has set everything up where we can hook our laptops into the keyboards and monitors. He got the laptops, another server and all the cords neatly stowed away in the middle cabinet through an ingenious piece of workmanship.
  Best of all, he got this great idea for altering our desk drawers into keyboard trays. Last night we took them over to the wood shop and viola!

We got them cut down, sanded and stained all within an hour! He constantly amazes me with his hidden skills – he’s quite handy with the jig saw!
 Well, that’s all for now, just wanted my readers to know that we’re still alive and kicking, (You’d better believe it – Brian took his PT test this morning and aced it while I ran ten miles). Now I must go about my wifely duties Glad you could stop by!
 ~ Mrs. Cahill

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