I guess I should update seeing as it’s been a little while. I guess the biggest news is that we’re both sick.
Some bug has been going around campus and we got back just in time to catch it. I was sick last night and Brian was quite a hero in caring for me. We were at the dining hall helping with clean up after a big formal dinner for graduation and I had to call him out of dish pit so he could take me home. He was so nice and did anything he could to help me feel a little better or get more comfortable. He even cleaned up after I got sick.
  I spent today trying to get some stuff done while slowly recouping. We were supposed to run 15 miles today but that kind of got dropped. All went fairly well until after dinner tonight, when Brian started heading down hill. I get to try and repay some of his kindness from yesterday. You could pray for our quick recovery – fortunately this bug doesn’t seem to last too long.
*edit*  Poor Brian got hit pretty hard last night but seems to be over the worst of it now. I was real impressed with how he handled himself though – he cleaned up after himself and took care of everything. All i had to do was feel sorry for him when he came back to bed each time. Now he’s sleeping fairly peacefully and I’m  making some hot tea for me. I just praise God we weren’t both that sick at the same time!
And so life continues on……

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