This is a post for my wonderful brother, Brinan. Brian is such a wonderful guy and loves my sisters and me so much! I wish that everybody had a brother like Brian. Brian can do all kinds of neat things, like cool computer stuff that I wouldn’t ever know how to do, build neat things (like the shelf in Brian’s room at school), and Brian can do some awesome board breaks. Brian can even sorta get those unruly ALERT Cadet boys to march in a kind of straight line. Brinan is so awesome!!

So, because I love him so much, I decided to convince my Brian to stop by South Campus and take Brian out to eat because Brian doesn’t often get real meat there. So we went to a steakhouse, where Brian and I ate steak and Brian got a scrumptious looking hamburger with bacon and cheddar. All too soon, Brian and I had to leave, so we said good bye to Brian and went on our way.

I can’t wait until I get to see Brian at Thanksgiving!!!

I love you Brinan!!

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