More winter wonders.

Hey, the water is stiff! It makes for really hard paddling – Sorry Brandy, I tried to use the form that you taught us but it all kind of goes to the wayside when you have to hack your way through to the water.

Next we tried snowshoes! These are really cool – Brian found some that had been issued to him during the last winter Basic here at Northwoods and they still had his name on them! I practiced walking and running around a bit.

Well, snow pants would have been nice, but jeans work in a pinch. They get a little wet from the snow and then freeze solid! They make a funny clink noise when they hit together as you walk.

We made tracks – with the snowshoes – spelling out Brian (heart) Amy. That’s my man lying in the middle! Isn’t he great! We’ve been having the best time here! God has been wonderful.

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