Sandy Creek Bible Camp

After posts on the most important thing
that is happening in my life right now, I thought I would let you see
what is occupying the rest of my time this summer.

I joined the staffing team about 3
weeks ago but they have welcomed me right in to camp life. Of course,
camp staff is a whole lot different than my experience as a counselor
at girls camp. I have my main job plus a lot of little “extras”
but I’m happy that they keep me busy.

My job title is Kitchen Manager –
sounds pretty big but it really means that I make sure meals are out
on time, answers questions from the cooks, make sure people wash
their hands, wear gloves and hair nets and assign jobs to anyone
subjected to my power…uh, area of jurisdiction.

The last manager here had taken up the
name of Kitchen Nazi because you have to keep law and order. I
figured I should come up with something comparable so I titled myself
as “Grill Sergeant”.

Besides the duties listed above I also help out wherever needed; in the serving line…

…putting away food and monitoring age of leftovers….

..and surprise, surprise, I get to clean the ovens! Good thing I had so much practice in Flint.

Oh and here’s a better picture of my hat, people really like it; all I
can say is, it sure is a lot better than wearing a hair net!
Well I must go attend to my duties in the kitchen now. Later I’ll post pictures of other things I do around here.

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