Another week…another weekend.

I would post about my work at camp but I didn’t have the camera last week and I do this week. So stay tuned, I’ll be taking and posting pictures soon.

This weekend was spent with Brian…of course. I didn’t pack it so full this time so we got to spend more time just talking. We arrived within 5 minutes of each other on Friday night and talked with the family for a while before they all went to bed.
Saturday I slept in more than I meant to (Brian got up and had to wait on me  ) Then we went on this little walk before breakfast into the pasture which turned out to be a long walk that lasted until lunch. We were really hungry by that time which was good because Dad took us to Freebirds.
Afterwards mom, dad, Brian and I went to look at some of dad’s jobs then toured the George Bush Library. When that was done we headed to Michael and Lindsey’s house for steaks! We talked there then watched the documentary on the Duggers – a family with 16 kids and their adventure building a huge house.
Sunday Brian and I went to First Bapt. and enjoyed the sermon there; it was on the benefits of waiting on God.   Lunch at our house, a little computer help and then I had to head back out to camp.
There, hope that wasn’t too mushy – I tried to leave out the details Next weekend I’ll be going to Brian’s parents house – should be exciting!

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