Time for another camp update. I wrote this one earlier but then a huge
thunderstorm came through and the satellite wouldn’t work so I couldn’t
submit it.

Besides working in the kitchen I find other jobs to occupy my time here at camp.
Probably my favorite is working in snak shack.

We are here to sell as much sugar to as many campers as we can. (I have no problem with pushing ice cream)

Of course, my favorite duty is
cabin cleaning – every day, rain or shine. But, we must keep the
campers from getting sick and it’s just another aspect of serving Jesus.

Other than that I do a bunch of odd jobs – basically once they found
out I could work and handle a drill gun then I became open to a host of
“projects”. Once I was called in to help unload about 300 bales of hay,
another time it was sheetrock repair or building a wooden gun box. I’ve
also acquired the task of taking leftovers out to the two little pigs.
All in a day’s work!

This is the cross where I’ve had several good prayer sessions.
Sometimes it just helps to have a special place to meet God – and I’ve
defiantly had enough to talk over with Him.

And finally, here’s where I sit each night and talk to Brian (You
didn’t think I would have a post that didn’t mention him did you?) I
talk until curfew, then rush to the cabin and get ready for lights out.
Some fun!

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