……what really happened.

Okay, if some of ya’ll thought the last post was a little far fetched
then you’re pretty much right. Brian and I just thought it would be
funny to set up a little something following the “advice” of some of
his ALERT pals.

WARNING!: The rest of the post will tell what really happened – I
believe there will be a rating for mush factor so read on only if you
can stomach it.

Since this was the first real meeting of Brian, I thought I would see
what kind of stuff he was made of and planned a full Saturday. We got
up at 6:00am and went for an hours bike ride covering somewhere around
10-12 miles. (no picture because we couldn’t get a photographer up that
early) After a hearty breakfast we shared some pictures and DVD’s of
things we had done the rest of the morning. Following lunch we played
“Imagine If” (the Lassiters favorite future in-law game) then went
swimming at Adamson’s Lagoon. While there he challenged my brother
Brian and I to a race – which he won. So far so good.

Rushing home, we grabbed some pizza and shared it with Michael and
Lindsey before heading out to a soccer game. This was his public test
of stamina an skill, requested by Daniel and attended by the curious.

Brian raced all over the field despite the oppressive heat and proved
not only his ball handling skills but also his ability to be a team
player and a knowledge of where the ball needed to be and when.
  At home that evening we looked at the long line for the showers
and decided our time could be better used by a walk. So for the next 45
minutes or so we “explored” the pastures; mostly it was me trying to
find my way around in the dark and getting a disoriented because of not
being able to see familiar landmarks. At one point I stopped short
because I thought I saw something up ahead. Are those cows? I asked.
Brian said they were and then suggested that we should go cow tipping
but the cows had different ideas and quickly moved away.
   I was exhausted by the end of the this long day but Brian
said he felt great and wasn’t sleepy at all. At this I conceded defeat
and now regard him as pretty much the buffest man ever – I just hope
I’ll be able to keep up with him because he applies this same
enthusiasm and vigor in anything he takes up.

And now the pictures you have been dreading/waiting for:

Ummmm….the stick broke

                 Brian (my Prince) and Amy (his princess)

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