Our big Romantic Weekend – The approved version.

Brian came over this weekend to sort of check things out. We were both
nervous; could hardly eat; could hardly sleep. We both arrived at the
house from our separate work locations within a half and hour of each
other. Brian arrived first and the whole family tried their best to
fill him in on all of my quirks. I arrived and we spent a wonderful
evening together with the family – all eyes watching.
  Brian brought his little brother, Benjamin, along and teaming up
with Katie they became our watchdogs, making sure there was always a
good six inches between us. Of course, we were very thankful for them
keeping us straight. Notice also the outfits – all to make a good

Then of course there was the issue of walks. Hand holding of course is
forbidden (horrors, shudders!) So we found a wonderful compromise – a

Then of course there was the wonderful times talking on the couch. Oh,
the coziness and beauty of it all – dad of course was the last touch of
perfection on the time. Isn’t my dad great? He always has my best
interests and happiness in mind.

So yes, that was our weekend – full of fun, food, fellowship and most importantly, family!

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