This is going to be the last post for several days because I’m doing a
mission endeavor here in my home town but most likely won’t have
computer access. Our work started on Saturday when all of us Jones
people joined with the college group of First Baptist and worked at an
international outreach. There was pampering for the moms, car washing
for the dads and a joy jump for the kids!

I think the kids had a blast and I did too! (Even though I slightly twisted my ankle in the joy jump – all in the line of duty )

I made some new friends and learned three new words in Chinese – kick,
throw and good job! But even though our verbal communication was
limited, I could definantly show love and they understood that loud and

David was awesome with the kids too!

The next day we decided to celebrate the warm weather by breaking in my
brother’s jet-ski. I’m telling you, zipping along at 60 mph really
makes you glad there’s a big guy to hold on to!

Tubing is the best! (though Katie and Tim aren’t so thrilled with it)
Stacie and I are experts – or so we thought. Egging Michael on by
holding on with only one hand, he got faster, and faster. Either we got
tired or he got wild but he managed to flip us and I flew through the
air landed on my back and literally skipped two or three times across
the water before I stopped. All in good fun (though I think my neck is
going to be sore).

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