We are back! And what an incredible, God-filled couple of days! The
team of college students we were privileged to work with were such an
inspiration and sharing fellowship with these on-fire Christians was
uplifting to our spirits.

Each afternoon we did some sort of work project; the first day we
unloaded the pre-made walls for five houses. The second afternoon we
painted the Habitat for Humanity office, and the last day we
sheet rocked and painted at a church that had suffered a fire. (This
church still needs work for anyone interested, I will hopefully be
going back to help some more.)

Stacie and I had some issues with the sun, but hey our tan is
going to be that much better – fringe benefits for working for the Lord
Stacie also went to great lengths, managing to get those last spots that couldn’t be reached by ladder.

In the mornings we put on a VBS at a new apartment complex. A lot of
the families were from New Orleans and as a result there was quite a
bit of inter-relations among the kids. These two little guys were my
favorites – QwenDarius and Jyran. We centered the whole thing around
the verse where Jesus says “I am the light of the world” and tried to
teach the kids the difference between light and darkness and what
impact that would have on their lives. We could really see that God was
at work here because, amazingly enough, the favorite activity during
the VBS was story time. We even had some older boys coming who were
15-16! Sometimes the parents or older teens would just watch us from a
distance or come and ask why we were doing this. Hopefully we were
lights not only to the kids, but the whole community as well.

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