Last night was a wonderful and much needed break from reality. It all
started by shopping with Mikaela – I got some new sandals and a pair of
khaki pants. Mostly though, we got in a good time to talk (partly
because we got a little lost on the way to the Cooks). At the Cooks we
had a blast! After a wonderful supper, and some pecan bars expertly
served by Daniel, we went outside to play hide and seek. It was a very
competitive game; Halle got a shiner and I got a big bruise on my knee
during a less than fantastic attempt coming into base. I did however
manage to tag Daniel – though he promptly returned the favor on the
next round. Jeremy too snuck up on me and tagged me, Brian scared me
out of my wits and Daniel and Jeremy carefully laid a trap and ran me
right into it – I was tagged once again.
  After such exertion a walk was suggested and even insisted on by
the Cooks as a cool down from the game. We explored an old box car,
went cow tipping and I got to walk in the moonlight with an
incredibly handsome and buff guy (that would be Brian for those of you
who hadn’t guessed already). Finally I was packing everyone in the car
to go (my parents are gone for the weekend) when a prime opportunity
presented itself. Daniel was saying his goodbyes but had carelessly
left his keys right where someone could have taken them! I thoughtfully
picked them up just to keep them safe and wouldn’t you know, he chased
me down and demanded them back! Some thanks for my thoughtfulness – an
act like that really ought to be rewarded with ice cream.
  We finally dragged back in to our house by midnight. I had some
thoughts of getting up and training this morning, but my body refused
to move when the alarm went off at 5:15. Instead I got up at seven, at
cake and made a peanut butter, banana milkshake for Katie and I and we
watched Treasures of the Snow together until the others got up. It was
such a wonderful morning to just sit back and do nothing. But now we’re
all off to do a mission endeavor here in town – nothing like thinking
of others to get your mind off yourself.

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