Some people have some wild excuses for being late for school, but I’ve
never heard of anyone using an attic staircase. Lori was going up into
the attic for her suitcase this morning when a bolt came loose and the
full force of the spring shot a metal bar into her face, breaking her
nose and narrowly missing her eye.
   Lori was incredibly brave through the whole thing, she
cried only for a few minutes and stopped when she heard me telling
others to be quiet, thinking I was talking to her. She even took her
hands away and let me look at it when I needed to assess the damage.
After getting the bleeding under control and making sure everything was
okay, the boys and I went to work while dad and mom found a surgeon and
took care of all that.
Mr. Santini brought her some ice cream this evening to help with the
recuperation process – ice cream will heal anything. And Lori even
dropped by soccer briefly to show off her stitches (at least ten
external plus a lot of internal). So at this point it looks like she
will be late to school. God has surely directed very clearly in this

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